Hiv and dating is it hard Romance

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    How can I do it

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    I’ve been trying to find someone for a while now.  The rejection you get when telling a person that you have HIV and they don’t!  I hear the words I’m sorry and never get a call back.  Yes it Huerta but I don’t dwell on it.  It’s just a shame how there is so much stigma still... with all the information on the internet and commercials U=U. People are still scared. Now ... they guys that are HIV pos well still trying to find a normal guy.  I’m 54 my birthday is coming up and it sure would be nice to have someone.  I haven’t stoped trying since I found out in 2003!  They have to be different from what I keep running into.  I don’t do drugs and I don’t want to be with anyone who does.  There has to be that one guy that’s different from the rest!  So my search continues.

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    Girl yes!!!! Its been 4 years and recently my ex of 3 yrs and I broke up. So now im out here having to go through tons of rejection.  But equally as matched willing partners. However do I want them no lol....

    So I had to soul search and read blogs and realize I had to stop feeling rejected and move pass it. If I see that a situation that may arise that could be sexual....i sigh bite the bullit and tell them. Explain what being undetectable means and the Prep meds for HIv negative people like Truvada. Feel people out first..see where it is headed early and then rip that bandaid off. But believe me you will have people who are willing to learn and grow with you.


    First accept all of yourself, and look at it like this the one who takes the time to know you past your status is a keeper!! You know he is for you!!


    Good Luck on this journey together suga!!