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Even tho its hard being alone we should all be happy and we all have somebody out there for us. Never give up your faith always keep good Vibes don't blame your self cause I belive everything happens for a reason. If anybody just wants to talk feel free to message me or we can talk via what's app video or kik etc. Inever feel alone OK we are all here together don't worry about a thing and don't overthink? Just watch a movie or go for a walk and get some fresh air X.
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Yes despite all. At least we wake each day even if we never find anybody we always have God and happiness only comes from within tho it's nice to share life with those simular. I just want to say your doing so good you made it this far. Keep the good vibes going and just know your never alone OK and everything will be OK.. Its nice to go on walks and to the beach to enjoy nature. I always say never overthink our situation each day just take it as it comes and do things normal. No human is perfect I hope your feeling fine never the less I'm always here if you want to talk also and talking is OK. When ever you wake up feeling depressed just give me a message ill be sure to reach out if I can OK. God bless you X
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hello adam i know what u mean i try to keep faith we all have our ups and down days i believe in praying that one day ill be happy for onces in my life time if u ever want to talk hit me up oh ok
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i dont have the vip hit me up on the comment oh ok thank you im not a member on this sites
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yes u r right things happen to all peolpe we r not pefect nobody is perfect in this world